Because our family rosins are made from the fresh liquid sap of living trees, unlike modern rosins, our production is both seasonal and limited.

In an effort to catch up and service the existing members in wait, we have elected to temporarily close off the members list to new registrations.

Those interested in becoming members once the list is again open, please feel free to check back from time to time.
You’ll know when we’ve been able to reopen the list because the registration page will again be functioning, thus allowing new members to input their information for registration.

We cannot respond to personal inquiries requesting that we “reserve” a spot on the list as we do not play favorites.
We have many world-renowned members, and we ask them to wait just like everyone else.

There are reasons why we appear to be the only folks left on the good Earth still making rosin this old-world way, and one of those reasons is because our production is both seasonal and limited.
Whereas modern rosins are made from commercially purchased hardened resins instead of fresh liquid conifer sap, and so other makers don’t have this same challenge.

Our family doesn’t believe it’s possible to make proper rosin any other way, so we stay with our trees and mother nature.

Please do not contact us to inquire as to when the list will reopen. The truth is; we really don't know.

All we can offer potential members in exchange for their patience is the promise that Baker’s is worth the wait.

At your service,
-The Baker family