Dear friends and fellow musicians,

Please understand that because we make our rosins from the fresh liquid sap of living trees, our production is limited and seasonal. Mother Nature dictates how much rosin we can make in a given season and also how long a season will run before weather forces production to end.

Also, because we guarantee the delivery of freshly made rosin, we can’t make rosin in advance of the sale and stockpile product like other makers do. Instead we must make each member order fresh, one batch at a time, and bear in mind that it takes about 16 hours per batch just to distill.

This also means during season we work 17-18 hour days 6 days a week, so believe me when I say we do the very best we can to take care of everyone waiting.

It is important to understand that new members are added to the bottom of the list and must wait for us to service pre-existing members before we can get to them. All we can offer new members in exchange for their patience is the promise that Baker’s is worth the wait.

Because weather is a large determining factor in our production we can’t offer estimates on when rosin will be available for a given member. When rosin becomes available you will be sent an “Invitation to Order” via the email address you provided.

Please note, we are no longer able to ship to China, Hong-Kong, or Singapore, but if one can provide and alternate U.S. or U.K. address we will ship for them using the provided alternate.

If you have any further questions, please see the FAQ Page.

At your service,
-Tc Baker

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