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I have to say that your rosins (I use them together), are extremely long-lasting (I only rosin my bow once every few days now), and I feel as though I am hearing the instrument, not the rosin. If there ever were an "egoless" rosin, this is it. It possesses all the best qualities of many far more expensive rosins, but yours "stays out of the way" of the purity of the sound of the instrument and helps realize more depth and bite without hearing any kind of crunch that one often encounters. And believe me, I have tried them all. My wife can attest to tripping over them all over the house.

Yours is the Emperor of rosins, Mr. Baker.

Another loyal customer and believer,
Robert deMaine
Principal Cello, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Soloist, recitalist, teacher.

Robert deMaine

A few minutes before performing recently a chamber concert with my colleague violinist Martin Beaver, he offered me to try the Baker rosin he owns, as my bow was acting funny with uneven response due to new hair and capricious weather.
After just 2-3 swipes I noticed a clear difference in contact and immediate response in my D.Pecatte bow, which gave me tremendous sonorous and projective quality of sound in my performance. Of course I am eager to receive my own Baker rosin and perhaps in the near future help another violinist just like Martin helped me with his magic (BAKER) rosin.

Sergiu Schwartz

Exceptional! I have been looking for years for something which could grip and make my pure gut G {2.7 mm} on my Baroque Cello with heavy Italian set-up speak better and I found it in the Baker's Original. I was using before "Andrea" Rosin {former "Tartini"}, but now when I discovered Baker's Original blend, I stopped using anything else! I am using it with my modern cello, my baroque cello, my viola da gamba, all my bows and instruments. It is the best rosin I have come across. Particularly very helpful with the gut strings on my baroque instruments, where it eliminates the possibility of squeaking to the minimum and makes the thickest gut strings speak with ease due to its exceptional grip!

Nikolay Ginov

I never thought that rosin is so important for a string player. I tried several different brands of high-end rosins in my 27 year career (so far) and nothing satisfied me enough. Some of them made the sound scratchy, others powerful and other soft, but none of them was so versatile and with such a broad palette of dynamics. In short, you cannot go wrong with Baker's Rosin. I used it even on my Coda GX Diamond and my Luis and Clark Carbon Cello and it vibrates and sounds like a charm! The perfect blend of fine tradition and advanced technology work great together! Chapeau for Baker's Rosin!

Mladen Spasinovici

I find both of Mr. Baker's rosins to be great products. Personally I like the original more, but the Vuillaume Citron is good as well, I find it perhaps produces a brighter and more "treble" sound.

I read all the reviews before I got myself on the list and I agree it produces excellent friction between the hair of the bow and the string, but what impressed me the most was the ability to "grab" the string and produce a gut string like "snap" articulation! I've tested numerous synthetic strings trying to get this effect with varying success, but guess what - with this rosin it works!

I also applaud Mr. Baker for keeping this a small operation instead of trying to make lots of money and compromising the quality of his product. A staple of an artist! So please keep me on your list, as I plan to enjoy your rosin for years to come!

Domagoj Ivanovic, DMA
Violinist, Vancouver Opera Orchestra

Domagoj Ivanovic

Just as playing an instrument is an art, so too is Baker's Rosin. I first learned of Baker's in my search for a rosin that was more responsive than the expensive, well known rosin I had been using for years. I added my name to the email list and promptly forgot about signing up. When my 'invitation to order' arrived, I quickly placed my order for the Original with hopes that the fresh, handmade, small batch rosin would be some measure better than what I used. From the first draw across the cake, I could immediately tell the difference. My issues with grip and responsiveness disappeared. It truly enhanced different bow strokes with a minimum of dust. LOVE. A word must be said about the rosin's presentation - think Old World, attention to detail and beauty. Thank you Baker family.


Wonderful rosin! Excellent draw....smooth and grippy but with very little to no dust. A little goes a long way.

Yung, J

Knowing it would take some time to order/receive a new cake of Baker’s rosin, I survived on a tiny little bit of it, not really enough to fully coat a bow; I then resorted to assess again all the rosins I had already tried; I’ve been unhappy ever since. None of the other rosins actually allows you to completely forget about it: none was the perfect tool. None does that particular job of enhancing the sound without influencing it. By that I mean that it doesn’t coat the sound, it allows you to make your own. And obviously, it doesn’t stick to the strings, gives superb clarity and ease of playing.
What a beautiful concept also, of keeping the production limited and not giving in to commercial pressure. And last but not least, all mails are answered with utmost care and courtesy!

Christiane VanHuffel

Dear TC, I've tried so many rosins and none of them is even in the same ballpark as your Baker's Original!! It has an amazing clear attack and a liquid, golden tone during which the bow never looses contact with the string. It speaks immediately and there is no surface noise. Even when playing a triple ppp, there is never a second when the grip is lost, resulting in an even sound making a diminuendo to nothingness possible. The possibilities of percussive attacks is incredible to use for such music as Bartok string quartets. With your rosin, I actually have a fairly good up and down bow staccato now, a stroke that was always a bit difficult for me to execute. All of my co-workers at the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande adore your rosin as well and will sign up on the members' list as soon as it is open once again.

Kerry Benson
violinist in the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Kerry Benson