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I LOVE your rosin. I can't thank you enough. I was having such a frustrating time with my cello - squeaking and sqwaking and screeching - I've tried changing strings, I changed my tailpiece, tried different rosins and was starting to save money towards trading up for a new cello one day. But after using your rosin, all the squeaks and screeching were gone - my cello was singing - rich and resonant and lush. When
playing fast, the notes sound clear and clean, not muddied like before.
I can't believe it is the same cello! I never would have believed the right rosin could make such a dramatic difference, but it does.
Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much. And thanks again for your help in describing how to clean my bow. You have another customer for life!!!!!!! All the best,

Allegra, the most grateful cellist

I'm very pleased with the rosins. It is surprising how they have better grip than other rosins, but without scratchiness.

Mark Crabtree

Hi Tom,
I received the Vuillaume Citron rosin a few days ago but wasn't able to try it out until tonight.
It's just what I was looking for. It has that little bit of extra stickum that makes it ideal for fiddling yet the bow draws smooth. From waltzes to barn burning hoe downs it is perfect.
I've tried many premium rosins; Salchows, Hill Dark, Jade, Kolstein, various Pirastros, and Gustave Bernadel, just to name a few. I was currently using the Bernadel. None of them compare to your Citron. It is a fiddlers dream having perfect adhesion and wonderful tone.
I can see where this rosin is going to help me re-learn to play my violin, even with my disabilities.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

-Rest in Peace, Ernie...we love you and miss you - Tom

Ernie Kosydar

I've tried jade rosins and gold fleck rosins, light rosins and dark rosins, cheap rosins and expensive rosins and never could tell the difference in any of them. As soon as I started playing with your rosin I could feel the difference right away. Thanks for sticking to your ideals and making the real thing.


I received the citron and original rosin today and love both of them! They are absolutely fantastic and incomparable to anything I've used before.
However, I see that the original is a better fit for the gut-core strings I am using.
Thank You,

Peter Morales

I have been thinking over the years that rosin hasnt much to do with quality of playing, ease of playing etc., and then something exceptional comes along and changes my thinking back. Your product seems to be in a class by itself. Never compromise these standards. Bravo!

Jeff Selim

Just received the two rosins in today. I love it, the original rosin Baker's rosin is great please don't ever stop making them, haha. I formerly used the Andrea Bang Rosin (Solo and Orchestral). Both really good rosins too, but I like yours better. Your rosin produced more of a pure sound in my opinion, good grip, and effortless bowing. Your original is definitely "darker" sounding than the Solo Andrea Bang rosin though, I don't mind. Do you have any other formulations of your rosin other than the Citron? Anyways, consider me as a permanent supporter of your rosin in the future, please contact me when you make the next batch. Thank you so much!

Anthony Nguyen

Thank you for sending me your method for cleaning the bow hair. I tried it with some trepidation and was able to clean the bow without damaging it! I am enjoying using the new rosin and am experimenting with how much to use, since I needed a ton of my old dusty rosin. I am very happy to say I seem to have no allergic reactions to your rosin at all, which was a real problem for me before. Thanks!

Connie Price

Rosin Arrived Today....Oh everything you say is true. It grabs just enough, no pull, just a nice firm feel to the bow...sounds louder when I play. Oh my goodness....I'm learning to hear much better sound already. What happens? This was the best gift I could have received for this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME.

Judy Burns

I never really knew that there were major differences in rosins. I generally bought what was available at the dealer. However, I find that after a short period of time using yours, I do not get scratching or biting from my bow when I don't want it and the bow holds the string evenly. When I finish playing or practicing, there is virtually no dust on the violin of fingerboard.

Martin L. Nass

Got the rosin today in the mail. Whoaa! Wonderful rosin – the best! Love the packaging also.
Thank you for providing such a wonder product. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to finally have good rosin – makes playing so much more enjoyable and easier. I have been searching and trying them all – my search is over.

Larry Dodd

I thought I'd drop you a line. I've tried your rosins on my cello for a while now. I started with the original recipe. Then, immediately, I switched to the Citron. I can definitely hear and feel the difference - quieter and smoother.
My pianist friend could hear its effect on the sound as well while we were playing together -- more overtones she says.
I asked my violinist sister to try it -- the original recipe. She immediately noticed the difference -- easier to play and smoother. So...I am very happy with the rosins. I am certain that I will be your customer for a long time!! :)
I am telling every musician I know about your rosins. Great stuffs! Thanks and I will contact you again when it is my time to get a replacement!


I've been testing your Original formula rosin with my Passione wounded gut strings on my two 100 year old French violins. I felt it has added extra ranges to my G and D strings, softened my E string, and taken out a slight buzzing on one of my fine bows (only can be heard by player). Yes, I also felt my grip has increased slightly.
This is amazing considering the fact that I was very happy with my previous rosin and have already tested it against the "prescribed" rosin by Pirastro.

Jackson Wu

Dear Tom, I got your rosin about two hours ago and all I can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart I have only tried the golden rosin on two of my bows and everything sounds so much better, in fact I can just about remember my old teacher (1963) being very particular as I thought (he always made his own rosin)now I can see the sense in it all its only taken forty years of professional playing to realize this with the help of some friends ( Hartmuth Ometzberger),still remember I'm a Viola player, all my best wishes.

Les Collier

I was recently visiting my friend who had just received your rosin and let my try some. It was doing wonders for both him and his sister (violin/cello). I was very impressed with the cleanliness, quality, and most importantly sound when using your rosin.

Christopher Thurstone

Hello, I got your rosin in the mail a few minutes ago, and decided to immediately put it to the test, but ended up cutting my practice short because I just had to stop & contact you guys. This rosin is unlike anything I've ever used before; the sound it produces is pure, seamless and organic. Scratchiness does not exist with it. I can't wait to show it to my teacher, who plays in the Tucson Symphony. This stuff has got to be the best kept secret there is, and I've used a lot of different rosins in my time. If there is a violin equivalent to this, it would have to be a Strad. I know I'm gushing, but thankfully there are still some craftsmen left in the world who create this type of product. Thank You very much!

Gary Foote

I have only used the original for now, is absolutely incredible!!! How many times I have I heard that a new and wonderful rosin has been created, and I have become very skeptical. Although your emails and explanations reassured me that there is something very special about your rosin!! I have started by using the Original rosin first and the difference in sound was extraordinary. The previous rosin I had liked was Melos, because of the sound I could produce with it. But the Original rosin influences the sound to a degree that I did not think a rosin could influence the sound. It produces an incredibly lush and vibrant sound. Both my wonderful instrument that I am lucky to own and my bows are very much along that idea of sound anyway, so to have this supported by the rosin is an incredible find!!! I have talked mostly about the sound, because that is how I work but of course the feel of the rosin is wonderful too. It allows great contact with the string!!! Anyway, I must congratulate you and a truly extraordinary product, that one can so easily tell, is world's apart from anything available on the market today. Your rosins, have made an extraordinary difference to my playing and my sound!! They make me VERY HAPPY every time I open the box. They are just so superior in every way! I have shown them to many colleagues, and they are all very impressed. My violin makers here in Vienna, who are VERY skeptical about 'new' rosins on the market, were very surprised by your rosin and felt a real difference in comparison to the other products available. I have played in several different concert halls and different climates over the last weeks and using your rosin has been not only a great pleasure but also a great enrichment of my music making.


I've used some very fine rosins, and this is far and away the best

Kate Arline

Baker's Original is quite simply the best rosin I have ever tried. Judy didn't know it had arrived yet....and I put it on my freshly cleaned bow, started playing... and she yelled from the next room..."Did you get a new fiddle or something? It sounds better." I am a trained experimental psychologist and I am not easily swayed by subjective opinions... But that is pretty good evidence that your rosin made a big improvement. I asked her what was better about it, and she chose the exact same words as I had in my mind when I heard it..."Louder and smoother." One can't ask for more than that from a rosin.

Layne H.

I have not used anything that even comes close to your rosin.
The bow almost played without my assistance the notes were so clear, especially the double stops I could not feel the rosin at all it just did it's job. As you know I am really allergic to rosin, but I had no nose running or eyes watering, I have not been this free of symptoms ever.
You are my God.

Rich B.

I received your rosin, it's absolutely fantastic. I showed it to two of my colleagues at the University of Houston and they both loved it. Your rosin is undoubtedly the best I've ever used (and I've tried at least a dozen different brands), it produces a resonant, deep, and clear sound.

Dr. Sean Wang

Like others, I was skeptical that any rosin would make a difference in my playing but was willing to experiment. Well, from the first moment of playing with your rosin on my bow, it was magical. It felt like bowing on velvet and the sound was very rich. I thought it possible it was just wishful thinking but after playing with my various groups shortly thereafter, many people commented on how improved my sound was - so it was really true! Even my violin teacher commented on my sound. So please keep making your rosin!

Judy Wong

I just received your rosin today, and it's terrific. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product. I hope to be a customer for many years to come.

Ken Kocienda

When I received your rosin, I rehaired my favorite bow with my best fresh Mongolian hair, applied your Original rosin and started playing. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you describe about your rosin! I know you can't vouch for it's quality for cello use based on your personal experience, but I can. I had the best time- my cello has never produced a more full and pure tone, I had more control of all articulations and types of strokes, I found a new level of control of the entire envelope of each note, and the smoothness and purity of tone on the upper strings was absolutely seductive. Sharon was absolutely right, so I must write her a thank you note, but you deserve my praise for the contribution this great product has undoubtedly made to the artistry of so many. Contributing to musical culture is why I try to do my best work as an instrument technician, and so I now consider you a kindred spirit. On top of that, you have made my own playing more rewarding, too. Thank you!

Leslie Moye

First of all, I would like to let you know how happy I am with my first supply of Baker's Rosin. It is superior to any rosin I have tried, and I have tried many. Thank you for continuing the tradition of making great rosin.

Richard Leppert

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