In an effort to catch up and service the existing members in wait, we have elected to temporarily close off the members list to new registrations.

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Please note that signing up for the mailing list is not a guarantee that you will be added to our members list or receive rosin. This list simply acts as a way of notifying interested parties as to when the members list is once again open for new registrations.

Please do not contact us to inquire as to when the members list will reopen, or when you will be able to receive/order rosin. The honest truth is; we really do not know.

Additionally, we cannot respond to personal inquiries requesting that we “reserve” a spot on the list, as we do not play favorites.
We have many world-renowned members, and we ask them to wait just like everyone else.

All we can offer potential members in exchange for their patience is the promise that Baker’s is worth the wait.

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