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  • This rosin is absolutely amazing. My bow is certainly not in the best shape and urgently needs a rehair. Despite that I could still clearly hear a huge difference - all three of my violins (two standard violins and a "tenor violin" which is actually a standard sized violin with D'Addario Octave strings, but the difference is that it is made of 100% maple, no spruce nor ebony) sound darker when using the Baker Original I ordered - this is something I seriously enjoy and something I have been looking for in both rosin and strings.

    I also noticed my bow arm doesn't have to work as hard as before - all three violins seem to have become more responsive while using Baker rosin. Now I just have to learn to get used to stop digging into the string as hard as I had to before since it seems it is no longer required.
    This rosin compliments the dark colours I have been seeking for for some time and which I have mostly found in my Warchal Amber and Larsen Tzigane strings respectively, in fact, it seems to enhance the darkness. My favorite type of sound is that of a Guarnieri, which is not of course easily obtainable, but explains why I am seeking for a darker sound in my decent, handmade but not rare nor expensive German and Italian standard violins as well as my self-made-from-two-factory-violin-backs-Frankenstein-all-maple tenor violin.

    I am not a professional, I am a visual artist and I started studying classical violin in 2016. However I do have a very clear type of sound I am searching for in a violin, in strings and in rosin. Although I have to learn how to play better, this rosin seems to help with the tonal qualities I am seeking and improved responsiveness. This rosin makes me practice more and it improves the tone of all my violins significantly. Thanks for that!

    Medicine Madison
    (Interdisciplinary Visual Artist and Classical Violin Student)

    Medicine Madison
  • We just got fresh cakes of Baker's original violin rosin. After a year, the previous cake was still good, but fresh is even better. As long as the Baker family continues to make rosin, I will buy a new cake every year.
    Alan Lubanes
    Georgetown, CA2dbe32

    Alan Lubanes
  • As a cellist, I find Baker's rosin helps me produce the most beautiful sound on my instrument! I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to use it

    Peter Ko
  • Without a doubt, Baker Rosin improves or reinvigorates the performance of bow hair. Bottom line- it simply gives the player greater control over dynamics and tone production at every point of need or decision. Having played
    and taught violin for over 50 years- do not overuse 3-4 strokes is enough. do not grind at the tip and frog. Rotate the cake for maximum use. And do not use rosin as a substitute for a needed re-hair.

    I suspect the quality of this rosin is related to: The integrity and attention of the makers. The quality and attention of the recipe. Commitment to the craft and freshness of the product.

    Bless you, good health, Dave Prichard

    David prichard
  • I first tried my Baker’s rosin 5 years ago, when I asked a friend who had a Baker’s Original in his violin case. It was a revelation. I knew right away, that it was better than any other rosin that I had ever tried, for the crisp, cleanliness in articulation, the most even sound production and the generous amount of give that it applied to my already old bow hair, which was badly in need of a rehair at the time. I’ve always been a staunch believer that the diction of a string player relies so much on the bow and its production, and because of it, after 3 years of being on the waiting list for these rosins, I am the happiest camper, receiving these gorgeous works of art that enables my art to flourish at the highest level as well. Thank you Baker family for your dedication and unparalleled craftsmanship!

    Jae Cosmos Lee

    - Concertmaster of Cape Symphony & Founding member of the Grammy nominated Chamber Orchestra, A Far Cry

    Jae Cosmos Lee
  • When I found this company and read the testimonials I had to join the club.
    Witout doubt it is one excellent outstanding product. Performs as promised and I have 3 converts who will be ordering next year, I have had to share my existing rosin because they could not wait.

    Many thanks to Bakers Rosin

    Chris Calderbank
  • I just have to tell, after waiting 2 years to get on the list, that it was totally worth it. Your rosin is superb, remarkable. I'll never play with anything else.

    Thor Sandgren
  • Dear Tom,

    I cannot begin to thank you enough for sending me your Baker's rosin. I perform, teach and conduct in many different capacities in the music world and have never used a rosin of this quality before. I am recommending this rosin to all my students, professionals and even to the community ensemble string members that I conduct and work with. Anyone that plays a string instrument and at any level will immediately appreciate the high quality of this rosin and once reading how the rosin is created will also appreciate the passion that you put into every process of the production of this high quality rosin. Truly impressive!

    I immediately noticed a difference in the tone quality and resonance of my instrument upon using your rosin and from the very first bow stroke. It was absolutely amazing and I use your Baker's rosin exculsively now. I am also eternally grateful to the friend who gave me your rosin as a gift.....the best gift ever...and introduced me to the Baker's rosin.

    This rosin is truly superb, of the highest quality and I highly recommend this rosin for all violinists!

    Ulli Reiner
  • Bakers original is by far the best rosin I’ve used in over 40 years of playing! Many probably think, as I did myself, that rosin is just rosin as the differences often observed between most over the counter brands just isn’t that significant, then I tried Bakers. As with most things these days with it’s concentration on streamlining and reducing costs the quality of what is produced just doesn’t last or produces inferior results that are eventually accepted as the norm, that is until we are fortunate to experience something made the old way, by hand, with the finest ingredients. From evidence of the process on his website and via discussion over many emails you can just tell this is how rosin should be made. The one thing that I noticed straight away on first using Bakers was the reduction in bow surface noise that the player always picks up being so close to the vibrating strings. The grip of the string is amazing and the resulting improvement in tone made me feel like I had just upgraded my instrument to a really fine example. My only concern now is obtaining this every year because now experienced I just don’t want to go back to the stuff you can buy all year round from the local music shop. Communicating with the Bakers you soon realise that this is more a labour of love than a business to them, wishing to bring the best to the world’s string players, long may it continue!

    Stephen Shelley
  • I've tried many rosins and find the Baker's Original well worth waiting for (I waited 2 years!). On my modern Italian violin, with Pirastro Olive gut core strings and with my old French bow the rosin gives a very smooth almost buttery draw with no high frequency grating raspiness under the ear. But at the same time great grip and clean articulation e.g. in Paganini's Moto Perpetuo. Also no dry or sticky dusty residue on the instrument. I strongly recommend this rosin. Other rosins I have liked are Pirastro Olive, Melos Light and Dark and Andrea. But this is now my favorite. I have had my other quartet players try it briefly and they are also impressed. Definitely worth waiting for. I strongly recommend experimenting with rosins (as well as strings) as they are the least expensive things you can do to affect your sound and playing.

    Dr. Leo Kadehjian
  • Dear Mr. TC Baker,

    I have been purchasing various brands of rosins for my daughter Hailey since she started playing violin in First grade. Its been seven years researching, learning, listening, and buying many strings products. Other than her new full size violin and bow there has been nothing that my daughter has become attached to like Bakers rosin. Especially the Citron, in her own words, "I loves how it grabs.” She tried the original first loved it, a few weeks later she tried the Citron and immediately found it to “grab” just right for her. The rosin issue was solved, so the subject wasn’t really discussed again. Months later, April 2018, the Citron storage can and lid was getting sticky, the rosin block came loose from the base. Soon after I was in the garage applying heat repairing the rosin and cleaning the excess off the lid and rim… All is good again… But thats how I discovered how important Bakers Citron had become to her playing. Hailey didn’t want to play her new piece without Citron on her bow. Violin 1, Bow 2, Citron 3. So, this long winded story is really my sincere Thank you for making a product so awesome my daughter feels is the best rosin she has ever bowed. We are so happy to have found Bakers, Thanks again.

    Raving Fan,
    Jason Touchton

    Hailey Touchton
  • Bought 2 Bakers original 2 years ago and I shared with other fiddle players the use of the rosin. Like myself they could not believe in the difference the rosin made to their bow's. Squeaks and inadvertent bow noises from a miss angle or whatever sort of poor stroke are quelled and for the most part disappear.

    Chris Calderbank
  • Knowing it would take some time to order/receive a new cake of Baker’s rosin, I survived on a tiny little bit of it, not really enough to fully coat a bow; I then resorted to assess again all the rosins I had already tried; I’ve been unhappy ever since. None of the other rosins actually allows you to completely forget about it: none was the perfect tool. None does that particular job of enhancing the sound without influencing it. By that I mean that it doesn’t coat the sound, it allows you to make your own. And obviously, it doesn’t stick to the strings, gives superb clarity and ease of playing.
    What a beautiful concept also, of keeping the production limited and not giving in to commercial pressure. And last but not least, all mails are answered with utmost care and courtesy!

    Christiane VanHuffel
  • Wonderful rosin! Excellent draw....smooth and grippy but with very little to no dust. A little goes a long way.

    Yung, J
  • Just as playing an instrument is an art, so too is Baker's Rosin. I first learned of Baker's in my search for a rosin that was more responsive than the expensive, well known rosin I had been using for years. I added my name to the email list and promptly forgot about signing up. When my 'invitation to order' arrived, I quickly placed my order for the Original with hopes that the fresh, handmade, small batch rosin would be some measure better than what I used. From the first draw across the cake, I could immediately tell the difference. My issues with grip and responsiveness disappeared. It truly enhanced different bow strokes with a minimum of dust. LOVE. A word must be said about the rosin's presentation - think Old World, attention to detail and beauty. Thank you Baker family.