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  • I received the citron and original rosin today and love both of them! They are absolutely fantastic and incomparable to anything I've used before.
    However, I see that the original is a better fit for the gut-core strings I am using.
    Thank You,

    Peter Morales
  • I've tried jade rosins and gold fleck rosins, light rosins and dark rosins, cheap rosins and expensive rosins and never could tell the difference in any of them. As soon as I started playing with your rosin I could feel the difference right away. Thanks for sticking to your ideals and making the real thing.

  • Hi Tom,
    I received the Vuillaume Citron rosin a few days ago but wasn't able to try it out until tonight.
    It's just what I was looking for. It has that little bit of extra stickum that makes it ideal for fiddling yet the bow draws smooth. From waltzes to barn burning hoe downs it is perfect.
    I've tried many premium rosins; Salchows, Hill Dark, Jade, Kolstein, various Pirastros, and Gustave Bernadel, just to name a few. I was currently using the Bernadel. None of them compare to your Citron. It is a fiddlers dream having perfect adhesion and wonderful tone.
    I can see where this rosin is going to help me re-learn to play my violin, even with my disabilities.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    -Rest in Peace, Ernie...we love you and miss you - Tom

    Ernie Kosydar
  • I'm very pleased with the rosins. It is surprising how they have better grip than other rosins, but without scratchiness.

    Mark Crabtree
  • I LOVE your rosin. I can't thank you enough. I was having such a frustrating time with my cello - squeaking and sqwaking and screeching - I've tried changing strings, I changed my tailpiece, tried different rosins and was starting to save money towards trading up for a new cello one day. But after using your rosin, all the squeaks and screeching were gone - my cello was singing - rich and resonant and lush. When
    playing fast, the notes sound clear and clean, not muddied like before.
    I can't believe it is the same cello! I never would have believed the right rosin could make such a dramatic difference, but it does.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much. And thanks again for your help in describing how to clean my bow. You have another customer for life!!!!!!! All the best,

    Allegrathe most grateful cellist
  • I've been using your rosin for several hours now, since it arrived yesterday. Wow! It's every bit as good as I thought it might be. Today we've been rehearsing Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky/Ravel, which is a really good chance to work out with many different styles of playing, and this rosin has made my work a lot easier. First impressions are hard, but everything seems a lot better than before - my bow is basically grippier than before, but not in a harsh way at all. It's a lot easier to articulate notes, and because of the ease of articulation greater clarity can be achieved in soft passages, while still maintaining full tonal color. And of course when playing loud it's easier to pop out accents and such. When you have good (or great) equipment, using this rosin is like using the right grade of gasoline in your mercedes or porsche for the first time. I've only tried the original rosin so far - it'll be a couple of days or weeks before I try out the citron. Several of my colleagues tried it today also. Several of them said they could tell a real difference. I suspect I won't be the only new customer - I hope you have room on your mailing list!

    Stephen DrakeCellist - The Nashville Symphony
  • Thank you for all your help, support and awesome rosin. You two are the best.

    Patti Kelly
  • Hello!
    I just tried your beautiful rosin. Great grip, no dust and my modest little fiddle got loud, got some authority! I tossed my other rosins.
    God bless and keep up the good work.

  • I love the rosin and the presentation. I decided to present the 2nd shipment as a gift to a friend who is a really fine fiddler. Thank you again.

  • Dr Mr. Baker,
    The Rosins came today and I must say 1, Thank you very much and 2, Holy moly! It is unbelievable that a little cake of rosin can make such a difference. I'm completely floored how much more responsive the bow is with the string and how much smoother the tone has become. AMAZING! If we all took some time in our lives to create something, even miniscule on the large scale, but with honesty and quality like this Rosin, I think we'd be better off as people. That being said. I think what you're making is priceless. Thank you and Kind Regards

    Boris Kupesic
  • I really like the rosins! I have tried them both on different bows and instruments and they really seem to bring out more tone.
    Thanks much,

    Bob T.
  • Hi T C,
    I wanted to let you know I've been using your Baker's Rosin for about 3 weeks and it is the BEST rosin I've ever used. I play old time country music and my fiddle has noticeably more volume. The sound is cleaner and the bow grips the strings easily. It is much easier to produce a good tone with your rosin. I honestly play better with your rosin. My wife and daughter noticed my fiddle sound was much warmer and prettier without me asking them. I've tried several other rosins but none can come close to your Baker's rosin. I was very pleasantly surprised when I started using your rosin. It was the "magic rosin" I had been hoping for but didn't know actually existed. Until you've tried Baker's rosin you really don't know what your missing, even if you can sense it like I did.
    I'm telling everyone about your rosin! Baker's rosin makes my fiddle sound like a better instrument! There's music in the Florida Trees. Please keep me on your mailing list.

    David Ronan
  • Dear TC,
    Thank you so much for the rosin -- I absolutely love it! I just cleaned off my bow, applied your rosin, and enjoyed playing more than I have in a long time. I am currently using D'Addario Helicore strings and this rosin really brings out a warm tone.
    Best regards,

    Mary Larsen Editor - Fiddler Magazine
  • Hi Tom, I received the rosin and wanted to drop you a note about it. I certainly was looking forward to trying your rosin especially considering all the good things I heard. I must say that I have used, just about every violin rosin on the planet as I am certainly a tone junkie! I heard that your rosin had great qualities etc…., however, they were wrong. Your rosin is PERFECT!!!.
    Your product has surpassed my wildest dreams regarding great violin rosin. I am so impressed with the sound on my violin when using your Baker’s Violin Rosin that it is incredible! I wish you and your company many years of wonderful success and I look forward to acquiring your rosin every year from now on. Kudos to you my friend!!!!
    Thank you So Much!!!!

    J. Dillon
  • I recently placed an order and received one unit of Baker's Original, to which I am now addicted. Many thanks for your attention to detail in the making and selling of your fine rosin. Your product and service are in a class by themselves.

    Anthony Barletta